Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method for becoming more aware of how we move, and how we think about how we move. Unlearning habits of tension in the body, we are able to gain freedom while moving and allow the body to integrate and perform to its fullest potential.

What will a lesson be like?

An Alexander Technique teacher uses hands-on and verbal guidance to explore how we move in our daily activities. The teacher helps the student increase self-awareness and become conscious of habits that are causing problems or pain.

The technique is not a treatment or a series of postures of exercises. It is an education of the mind-body relationship which can help release tension, prevent injury, and allow the body to move freely, poised and balanced.

Part of a lesson is spent working with basic everyday movements: standing, sitting,
bending, walking, taking stairs, etc. Another portion of the lesson is spent on a bodywork table, as the teacher helps the student release excess tension to allow the body to work more freely, naturally and connected. Also during the lesson the teacher can work with applying the technique to various activities particular to that student, ex: working at a computer, taking out the trash, gardening, putting on shoes, driving, exercising, playing an instrument, etc.

Lessons are taught in my home in midtown Wilmington, NC. I am also available to the surrounding areas of Eastern North Carolina, including: Greenville, Jacksonville, Kinston, New Bern, etc, providing I have multiple students in one location.